مجموعة الببتيدات البحرية – brolina

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Brolina marine peptide solution for the face and body?

Yes, the Brolina marine peptide solution is distinguished from others in that it is used for the face and body together

Can Brolina marine peptides solution be used in cases of pregnancy and lactation?

Of course, you can use it and there is no problem because the components of Brolina marine peptides solution are natural and safe, and it is a topical solution

What does brolina marine peptides contain? How long is duration of use for each set ?

Inside each set there are 4 vials of marine peptides solution, and this set is enough to use for a whole month

When will the results of brolina marine peptides set appear on the skin? And how long does the full course of treatment last?

Upon regular use of the brolina marine peptides group, you will notice clear results from the first month. The duration of the full course of treatment is only four months

Do marine peptides leave a trace on the skin or clothing and does it have an odor?

Each vial of the marine peptides set contains an odorless, watery solution that absorbs quickly from the skin and does not leave any trace on the skin or clothing

Can I use other skin products while using Brolina marine peptides set ?

There is no problem with that. But we advise you to leave an interval of an hour between the products you use and Brolina marine peptides set to get the maximum benefit.

Will the skin return to the way it was after leaving the marine peptides set ?

The treatment with Brolina marine peptides set is a permanent long-term treatment and not a temporary treatment

The shelf life of Brolina marine peptides set is 3 years, and after opening any vial, it is recommended to consume the solution within less than 3 months, and it is preferable to keep it in a cool place after opening.

Can Brolina marine peptides set be used more than 4 months?

Yes, you can use it to increase skin care and increase freshness